Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Braylin Bailey and Molly Little are eager to start nursing school and couldn't be happier. They enter Molly's home and start talking about how attractive the male nurses are and how much they can't wait to practice mouth-to-mouth CPR. The girls sit down next to Molly's stepbrother, Apollo Banks, and chat until Apollo informs them that they will become slutty nurses. Apollo is merely envious because he wants to fuck her, Molly tells him. Leaning up close to Molly, Braylin offers to wager that Molly can win her stepbrother's affection. After a moment of confusion, Apollo returns to his phone while the girls try to discover each other's pulses because he can't quite hear Braylin. Molly rushes to Apollo to try it on him as they are unable to discover it on each other. Molly eventually gives his femoral a try and finds that Apollo has a hardon. Molly tells Apollo as a result that a blowjob is the best course of action for treating his priapism. Apollo discovers the girls are sharing his dick the following moment because Braylin is itching to get in on the action after her deep throat session. The girls both want so much more as soon as they start sucking. The first person to take off their scrubs and board for a backwards cowgirl ride is Molly. Braylin seizes the chance to strip off as well, and she replaces Molly by mounting Apollo in a cowgirl pose and bending forward to devour her best friend. While Molly rides her tongue, Braylin rolls onto her back and spreads herself wide for Apollo to continue her pussy party. Subsequently, the girls staged a lesbian 69, where Molly indulged in Braylin's twat while Apollo gave her a doggy slap from behind. The girls quickly take their treat and play with the jizz until Apollo pulls