Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Braylin Bailey doesn't see anything wrong with dressing up at a funeral in a cute little black dress. Apollo Banks, Braylin's stepbrother, has different ideas. He warns Braylin that there will be men who will try to use her. Braylin puts Apollo's palm on her hot little twat and tells him everything she thinks he could be afraid of, but she doesn't offer to change into anything more subdued. She ends by admitting that she's infatuated with her stepbrother. Apollo tells Braylin he's going to get his keys and go out of here in an attempt to detach. By taking off her clothing and showing off her sheer bra and thong, Braylin upends the situation. Her aggression becomes even further as she palms Apollo's stiffie before he puts his hand back on her twat. Braylin walks to the couch and spreads her thighs, telling Apollo to demonstrate her how to handle males at the funeral who will want to fuck her. Apollo is told to go over there and suck it as she removes her thong. Though he seems reluctant, Braylin is obviously in command of the circumstance. Apollo finds his tongue tucked between Braylin's avaricious twat folds before he realizes it. After experiencing her first orgasm, Braylin tells Apollo to remove his penis. Braylin demands that he fuck her immediately because he is so large. That large member buried in her tight snatch makes her groan loudly in approval, but this cock-loving coed can't be satisfied with just one position. In reverse cowgirl fashion, she climbs aboard Apollo's back and slurps her own fluids off his fuck rod. Apollo doesn't object when Braylin gets on her hands and knees and hits her in the doggie. Braylin fills her pussy right up with Apollo's creampie just as he's about to climax,