Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Because she enjoys playing video games, Braylin Bailey wants to see the newest plumber movie. Apollo Banks, her stepbrother, enters and makes fun of her for playing yet another video game. He says no when Braylin begs to go to the movie with him. Braylin is his stepsister, not his date, he informs her. In exchange, Braylin informs Apollo that although she used to pretend to be a princess from video games, her fancies have grown as she's gotten older. Later, Braylin enters the room disguised as a seductive replica of her favorite plumber as Apollo is engaged in a game of his own. Apollo is tipped by Braylin that she can outplay him at his game. He'll have to stick his dick in her castle and then cum all over her titties if she prevails. After winning, Braylin is kind enough to give Apollo a wonderful, deep throat BJ to get him ready for their intense match. When she returns, Braylin is all dolled up as a princess who is desperate for her reward. She removes her thong and pulls Apollo's pants down, straddling him and riding him like a cowboy. Braylin spins around and goes on a reverse cowgirl ride, discarding the costume and her undergarments in the process. She then bows down to Apollo so that he can dick her in the doggie. Braylin spreads herself out on her back so that Apollo can give her a great, deep missionary kiss. Apollo is about to blow his load when Braylin persuades him to reconsider and consent to cum within her castle.