Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Braylin Bailey, a regular client, is greeted by therapist Kylie Rocket for her most recent treatment. Kylie thinks she can definitely help, as Braylin claims to have hurt her inner thigh doing yoga this morning. When Kylie inquires as to whether there are any other areas she ought to be concentrating on today, Braylin replies that she's been under a lot of stress lately, which is why her shoulders are also really tight. After taking off her clothes, Braylin lies on the massage table on her stomach. Kylie starts to work, giving Braylin's gorgeous body a massage while they catch up over a little conversation. Kylie becomes intrigued when Braylin admits she's single once more during the talk. Braylin goes onto her back so Kylie can continue massaging her front as the wonderful massage continues. Braylin starts to feel a lot better, and the massage oil is making her skin shine. The two women grow more attracted to one another as the massage gets closer. In a seductive manner, Kylie offers to add something extra to the massage. After Kylie gives Braylin a kiss after she eagerly accepts, they have a passionate sex session.