Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Molly Little walks in as Braylin Bailey is lounging on the couch, getting ready to answer an online exam about her romantic personality. Molly is itching to visit the gym, but Braylin is just too lazy. Molly is adamant that the quizzes are rigged, but she persuades her to take it with her instead. As the girls progress through the test, Braylin grows more affectionate toward Molly. Molly is first reticent to share, but she becomes extremely agitated when Braylin inquires about the frequency of her orgasms. Molly eventually admits that she has never experienced an orgasm—not even via masturbating. Braylin proposes that Molly would benefit from a woman's touch rather than a man's, seeing it as a chance to finally make love to her crush. Molly has never acted on a girl's advances before, but as Braylin's touches intensify, she becomes increasingly attracted to her. Molly eventually gives in when Braylin tells her that having sex burns a lot of calories and is a better option than going to the gym. After a few tender kisses, Braylin forces Molly to turn around and head to work. Leading the way, Braylin uses cautious, unhurried movements with her hands and mouth to assist Molly in taking off her clothes. After revealing Molly's rather nude posterior, Braylin takes her time to make sure Molly is experiencing the heat. Molly's tongue and fingers work nonstop until she starts to pant. Molly has no intention of grabbing everything and leaving nothing behind. Her bottom is in the air as she forces Braylin to get on her hands and knees. Molly leans forward and uses her tongue to work her new lover's twat, guided by Braylin's gasps and groans. Molly turns Braylin onto her back and continues to To eat that gorgeous, exposed puss from underneath, she pulls her roommate onto her face. Molly is pleading with her roommate to make her cum as her hips rock from tongue fucking. When she does, she can't help but sigh loudly and for a long time. Feeling good about herself, Braylin invites Molly in for a cozy embrace.