Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Walking outside with her lover Alex Mack, Braylin Bailey shows him the gardens surrounding her home. Speaking about her family, Braylin says she's very that her stepmom Slimthick Vic and her other parent have had a number of wild threesomes, while Alex seems pleased by the scenery. Alex is really interested in that. But before they can finish talking, Vic shows up and tells Braylin that the car detailer has come, so she needs to give him her keys. Vic offers to show Alex the barn where Braylin plans to have a party next month while she dashes off to accomplish that. When Alex and Vic are by themselves in the barn, Vic asks him directly if he has ever been in a threesome with a stepmother and stepdaughter. Shocked, Alex responds, "No, he hasn't. " Vic claims that Braylin is very special to her, thus in order to win Braylin over, Alex must first fuck Vic in order to show that he is worthy of her happiness. Vic says she's serious, but Alex wonders whether this is a prank. When Braylin shows up, she inquires as to what's going on. After Alex clarifies what Vic just told him, Vic persuades Braylin that it's a wise decision. After that, Vic takes off her dress and asks Alex to help get her off; Braylin urges him to accept. Vic looks like she enjoys it when Alex sticks his cock in and out of her pussy. Afterwards, he enjoys doggy-style intercourse with Braylin when she invites him to fuck her. After that, Alex gets blowjobs from Vic and Braylin alternately, and the good times only get better!