Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


While doing her clothes, Braylin Bailey is thinking of doing something a little bit more enjoyable. Just in time, her boyfriend Apollo Banks is present. Apollo approaches Braylin from behind as she is leaning over the laundry, his gorgeous hands straying from her ass to her tits. Apollo jumps to the next level in reaction to Braylin's prompt and passionate answer. He gently slides his lover onto the couch's back, then gets down on his knees between her thighs. He proceeds to feast on Braylin's pussy after using his teeth to remove her thong. It is not necessary to ask Braylin twice to give up on the washing. Apollo's pants are pulled down by her till his hardon comes free. She drops to her knees, encircling the root with a hand before bending forward to begin licking and sucking. While taking her time blowing Apollo, Braylin's tongue is free to explore every inch of his hardon. When Braylin is done sucking her penis, she stands up and bends forward over the arm of the couch. Apollo is standing by to grab her by the back. He gives Braylin a few passionate thrusts before sliding in deep and taking her to the peak. After picking up his sweetheart, he leads her to In an attempt to slow things down and have an even hotter union, the pair moves into the bedroom. As Braylin rides Apollo's dick in bed, kisses give way to a charming and sensual cowgirl ride. Apollo squeaks her ass and breasts while she maintains a moderate, steady pace. Braylin falls to her side and escorts Apollo back inside while they spoon. Before withdrawing and letting his love finish the job, Apollo gives Braylin one last orgasmic experience. Before the couple cuddles up together in the afterglow, Braylin finishes Apollo with a handie that leaves her twat covered in his cum shot.