Braylin Bailey

Braylin Baily

The American Teen!


Everything is going wrong for Braylin Bailey, and she is having the worst day ever. As the blonde beauty makes herself a sandwich, her already-pissed-off mood only gets worse when her stepbrother, Tony Lovelock, walks into the kitchen with her. Braylin becomes even more enraged at Tony being there while she sprays water all over her white shirt to make it transparent. She virtually challenges Tony to look at her breasts as she removes her drenched shirt. Braylin drops her lunch on the floor as she reaches to bite into it. She storms out of the room, saying that's just the last straw. Later, Tony is cornered in his room by Braylin, who demands to know where the washing detergent is kept. After Tony responds to his stepsis's inquiry, she returns virtually immediately to start a quarrel. She tells him that Tony is not her biological brother but rather her stepbrother. He should give up trying to come across as genuinely related. She maintains that Tony must have a tiny dick in order for him to be Braylin's stepbrother. Just picture Braylin's astonishment as Tony caves and displays his fuck stick to demonstrate how nice it is. Braylin, torn between her two feelings, finally caves to Tony's cool assurance that she would probably feel better if she sucked him off. After a while, Braylin gives up and puts her stepbro's dick under those sultry lips. As it happens, Tony was not entirely wrong. Braylin makes the decision that if she can cum, it will make her feel better. She turns around and extends an invitation to Tony to go out after taking off her clothing. He yanks Braylin's thong off and gives her a hard pussy thumping, which really takes the edge off of her grumpiness. As a thank you, Braylin puts Tony on his back so she may hop on his When Tony gets all nuts inside of Braylin, they're both having a blast, and she becomes mad at her terrible luck again.